First Blog Ever/ Kat gets real (derps)

So i suck at writting blog posts and thought it would be cool to put something together to showcase my inner realness captioning some of the most funny photos from my time as a model while answering some generic questions about myself :)

(Above: Drizzysgh and myself, shes one of my newest closest friends so this shoot was really cute and fun
Below: a cute shot from Sam Dickinson, to this day still my favourite photographer he immediately shares my vision and is always willing to have a laugh on the shoot)

Brief Bio?
My name is Katarina Sin (Katelyn is my birth name) I'm a 22 year old model from the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia

(Above: One of my first promotional experiences as a "Trash Doll" at Sexpo 2013 i believe i quoted something along the lines of "theres actually no bra in this?"
Below: one of my biggest fangirl experiences shooting with Samii LaMorte on the StKilda boardwalk)

What first got you involved with modelling/ performing?
Funnily enough I started out at about 4 doing modelling for Designer Kids clothing, Posh Kids and generic "junk mail" magazines Have always sung since a young age and was part of the Australian girls choir during primary school, After that I went on to dancing, Where I eventually was accepted into the Young Australian Broadway chorus I then became your average teenager and took a short break Before finally going back into dancing and cheerleading for my local basketball team / doing small competitions Fast forward 3 years moving up and back from Queensland and turning 18 Ended up doing my first shoot back in, for an erotic art book that was being made by a small Melbourne photographer and felt that I had found my passion again, Started dancing this time looking back to the classics and one of my idols Betty Page and found a passion in burlesque and all things demure and sultry Haven't looked back since.

(Above: Myself and Dani J fuentes MUA, getting wierd at a random shoot we did for a car enthusiast

Below: shooting some natural light with Sam Dickinson)

Any advice to aspiring models?

At first, just be safe It's mostly just learning how to read people If something doesn't feel right trust your gut and do what you have to, never let anyone make you feel like you have to shoot anything you don't want to, but also Have fun exploring yourself and try different things until you find something that's comfortable and works for you

(Below: Myself and Vicky my oldest best friend at her first full nude shoot, im really glad that i was there and able to help her express herself in such a comfortable fun environment, we spent most of this shoot making jokes and pulling funny faces)